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Welcome to Cape Starz Wine

Cape Starz Wine LLC is a Maryland-based importer and distributor specializing in South African wine sales and distribution. Each vineyard represented has been carefully selected for quality and uniqueness of wines produced.

Why focus on South African Wines­­?

Although South Africa is considered to be a “New World” producer, it is one of the older of the “New World” producers and was ranked seventh in production of wine in 2010. The winegrowing region is located in the world heritage site of the Cape floral kingdom where around 70% of the plants are indigenous.

“Variety is in our Nature”

The Cape winelands has a Mediterranean climate with an average winter rainfall of 515mm per annum with more rain falling over the mountainous regions. The topography is ideal for vineyards with rugged mountains and multi-directional slopes of the coastal region to the open plains of the Klein Karoo where viticulture takes place mainly in the riverine valleys. This diversity in topography and climate is ideal for planting different varietals and so too allowing different expressions of the same varietal.

Wine of Origin Scheme

Currently around 100 568 hectares of vines producing wine grapes are under cultivation over an area some 800 km in length. The Wine of Origin Scheme, demarcates regions, districts and wards. There are six main regions in the geographical unit of the Western Cape:

Breede River Valley, Cape South Coast, Coastal Region, Klein Karoo, Olifants River and Boberg which encompass 25 diverse districts and some 66 smaller wards.

Research and Exportation

The South African wine industry is technologically very advanced and a leader in research with one of the most modern experimental wineries in the world and several experimental farms.

All wines for export must be granted an export licence. Samples of each batch of wine destined for foreign countries are sent to the Wine & Spirit Board at Nietvoorbij, Stellenbosch where they undergo detailed tasting tests and chemical analysis in the laboratories before licences are granted. An official seal is given to each bottle by the Wine & Spirit Board, which verifies that the claims made on the label regarding origin, vintage and grape variety are true.

Leader in sustainability

South Africa leads the world in environmental sustainability and regulated production integrity. From the 2010 vintage, a new seal for South African wines was introduced, which traces the wine from vine to bottle. The seal is a world first, and certifies a wine’s integrity as well as sustainability.

Biodiversity & Wine Initiative

The South African wine industry proactively supports the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI) in partnership with various conservation bodies. Biodiversity guidelines have now been included in the guidelines for the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW), the industry’s handbook for sustainable farming. IPW is a compulsory system introduced in 1998 focusing on every stage in the production process, from environmental impact studies and the correct preparation of soil to the use of recyclable packaging. Before planting new vineyards, producers should now carry out a botanical audit and draw up a plan to preserve any endangered or significant species. Many producers have set aside natural areas which will remain undeveloped in perpetuity. Researchers are also exploring exciting new options, such as using indigenous plants as cover crops in vineyards.



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